snowbirdsDo you own a beautiful property in South Florida, but don’t live in the area all year round? Our snowbird services provide you with the opportunity to rent out to ongoing tenants without stressing over the details. When it comes to snowbird property management, our talented staff is equipped with the right tools and experience to take care of all your property needs.

We offer:
● Will do every month inspection while you are not in here even if the property is vacant
● We will run your lease month to month while you are not in here
● A detailed listing of your property on multiple sites
● Same day home repairs for emergency needs
● Collection & distribution of property keys and “need to know” information
● High resolution photos of your property for each individual listing
● A detailed list of nearby attractions, grocery stores, and restaurants for your guests
● Cleaning services in between renters
● Rent collection & disputes
● Schedule regular maintenance: including pool care, exterior power washing, and gardening

Below are some questions and answers that might help you discover why Atlantic Ocean Group is the right fit for you:

What are the benefits of having Atlantic Ocean Group as your snowbird property manager?
● Efficient, professional care of your property year round
● Same day contact with renters
● Consistent renters for your property
● Hassle-free guest service (we handle the stress so you don’t have to!)
● A commendable reputation in the South Florida area

What areas do you service?
● Our property management services are available across the South Florida region, providing timely service to each of our clients and renters

Do you provide services during on and off­season?
● Although it is more difficult to guarantee renters during off­season, our services are available year round. We provide suggestions for off­season renting to help you receive consistent income during those quiet months.

Are you ready to hand over the stress of looking for renters and let someone else fill your home with happy renters? Give us a call today and let us know how we can transform your vacant property into a successful snowbird rental!

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