If you start noticing squeaking or grinding noises, rusted or damaged parts, or your garage door seems to be moving more slowly, it’s time for a tune-up! An annual inspection and tune-up is an affordable way to keep your garage door and opener in good condition, and to identify and fix minor issues before they become major, costly repairs.

Most garage door openers and moving parts are built to last anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 cycles (3-7 years, depending on usage), when properly cared for. Our tune-up service is designed to help you get the longest service from your garage door system.

What We Do

In order to keep your garage running smoothly, our tune-ups may include general maintenance such as:

  • Spring Replacement
  • Roller Replacement
  • Cable Replacement
  • Garage Door Care & Replacement
  • Garage Opener Replacement & Maintenance
  • Proper Lubrication of Springs, Rollers, & Hinges
  • Garage Hinge Noise Control
  • Garage Panel Replacement
  • Functional Movement Maintenance

Although normal wear and tear affect the condition and functionality of your garage door, there are also other conditions, such as extreme weather changes, sensor blockages, and garage door accidents that can prevent it from performing properly. By conducting an annual inspection, we can detect worn parts and problems and take preventative measures before your garage is no longer operable

Why Choose Us

For more than 35 years’ experience, Atlantic Ocean Group has served homeowners throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties with reliable, affordable, and fast garage door repair services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and from the moment you call us until we leave your home, we promise to deliver friendly, honest, and professional service – from our family to yours.

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