residential managementDo you want to work for your money, or let your money work for you? As a residential property owner, your property can easily turn into a financial and time draining burden. With the right property management partners, however, you can relieve yourself of the stress and have more money to invest!

At Atlantic Ocean Group, we are dedicated to helping our clients with the details so that they can focus on the big picture: investment.

Our services include:
● Finding & Screening Tenants
● Minor Property Repairs
● Creating Lease Agreements
● Perform Inspections for Incoming and Outgoing Tenants
● Regular Drive By & Quarterly In-home Evaluations
● Rent Collection
● Ongoing Contact with Tenants
● Routine Maintenance Setup (Lawn Care, Pool Care, Exterior Power Washing)
● Regulate Florida Home Statutes (Including Eviction Laws)

It can be daunting to deal with the constant keep up of your investment home, but with AOG we will take on the stress.

Below are some questions and answers that might help you sort through your property management needs:

Why would I want a property manager? A property manager is helpful for attending to minor repairs when you live far away from your investment home, to alleviate the stress of finding new tenants and chasing down missed payments, and to maximize the return on your property investment. We help save you time and stress so that you can focus on the things that really matter to you.

How does AOG find tenants? The process of listing a home for rent requires time. AOG hires qualified photographers and copywriters to create a listing that will spark the attention of any onlookers. Once the property is listed we meet with potential tenants and give them the details of the property, perform a background check on interested tenants, and lead them through the contract procedure for renting your home.

Are you ready for our team to take over the property management needs of your investment home? Give us a call today.

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