garage door tuneupIf you notice your garage slowing down, it might be a great time for a tune-up! Although there might be some damage that needs replacing (see our other pages on garage repairs), there are often small fixes that can be done if caught early enough. A tune-up can help keep your garage in its best shape without costing you too much money. Like anything else, garages require quality care. Since they are used over and over again on a daily basis, all of that work might take a toll on their intricate parts. By having a yearly tune-up on your garage, you can help prevent larger breaks from happening to keep your garage running smoothly.

In order to keep your garage running smoothly, our “tune-up” repairs include:

No matter what problems you are experiencing with your garage, we have a team of experts who can have your garage moving like new. Most garages are built to last anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 cycles (3-7 years, depending on usage), but in order for that to happen they need to be properly cared for. Our tune-up service is designed to help your garage last its longest life potential.

Although there are wear and tear effects on your garage, there are also other conditions, such as extreme weather changes, sensor blockages, and garage door accidents that can prevent your machine from running like it should. By performing a tune-up we can help you detect the root of your garage repair needs to give your unit the proper care that it deserves.

If you are noticing any changes to your garage, give us a call and let us help! It’s always better to take preventative measures before your garage is no longer operable.

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