commercial managementThough the garage opener is the brain behind the garage, the garage springs do most of the work. These steel wires wind and unwind to fuel and release tension so that your garage can move up and down with ease. After years of wear and tear, your garage springs often need to be serviced or replaced. This is where we come in.

Atlantic Ocean Group specializes in quality garage spring maintenance and replacement to keep your garage running like new.

We service all the extension springs and torsion springs.

Not sure when your springs need replacing? Here are some signs to look for:
(1) No movement or slower movement of your garage–If your garage has stopped working completely or has started slowing down, it is likely that your garage springs need replacing.

(2) Weather change–Changes in weather can cause garage springs to rust or become weary. Pay attention to any changes in your garage movement during extreme weather changes and the beginning of a new season.

(3) Time–Most springs are said to last between 10,000 to 15,000 cycles. Depending on how often you open and close your garage, it might be good to look into new springs around the 5-year mark. By taking preventative measures, you can alleviate the stress of having to deal with a larger problem down the road.

Whether you have already begun to notice your garage slowing down or anticipate the wear and tear catching up with it, it might be a good time to get replacement springs. There are some serious risks associated with not fixing your springs, such as the uncontrolled snap and loud noise of losing a spring, the dropping of a garage door, and the inability of getting out of your garage. It is better to get your springs changed before running into one of these problems.

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