commercial managementWhen people think about garages, they typically think about the door, but what keeps the garage running is the engine. In order for a garage to function well and consistently, it is important to have a quality opener that can get the job done.

Our recommended supplier is LiftMaster but we fix and work with all openers from all major brands.

We also do fresh installation when no engine exists and a complete new installation from scratch is needed.

There are a few things to consider when buying a new garage opener:
(1) Belt or Chain Drive
(2) Access Features
(3) Battery Back-Up
(4) Horsepower

Belt or Chain Drive
Most openers are either belt or chain driven. There are perks to both, depending on your needs. Do you go in and out of your garage at odd hours? Consider a belt drive. This nearly silent drive will keep the noise down, keeping your family from waking up as you go to work. Is your garage detached from your home? A chain drive is slightly cheaper, just as effective and might be a great choice for you.

Access Features
Do you need the ability to access your garage remotely? Advanced models are now offering wireless capabilities for you to access your garage from a smartphone or tablet. Simply download an app, and you can open and close your garage from inside your home or remotely.

Battery Back-Up
There’s nothing worse than being stuck in your home during a power outage. Some garage openers feature a battery-powered backup drive so that you can leave the garage and get the resources you need during a power outage. Our inventory includes a list of quality battery back-ups to ensure ongoing use of your garage, no matter the circumstance.

Whether your garage is made for one, two, or three cars, there are different horsepower options to give the quality lift your garage needs. Allow us to talk you through the different horsepower options we offer to give your garage the drive it needs.

Require help discovering what you need? Give us a call!

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