flooringAre you ready to revamp your home? Let’s talk flooring! Whether commercial or residential, Atlantic can bring you the best variety in type, style, and color. When it comes to flooring, it is important to consider aesthetics as well as comfort and longevity.

Tile might be the best fit for a bathroom because of how often it is exposed to water. If one of your rooms tends to have a draft, carpet may be a good way to stay warm. Our trustworthy team of experts can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Step One: Narrow Down Your Selection by Choosing Your Flooring Type
Would you like your guests to be greeted by the comfort of carpet as they walk through the door, or the shine of a brilliant hardwood floor? A floor type can be determined by personal aesthetic preference, functionality, and cost.
● Carpet
● Hardwood
● Cork
● Tile

Step Two: Within Each Type Are Different Styles
Now that you’ve decided on the floor types for your home or business, it is time to consider style. Whether you are on a budget, buying something simple for a rental property, or are ready to enhance the look of your home, our stylistic choices can help you get there.
● Cherry Wood or Pine?
● Ceramic Tile or Vinyl?
● Cut Pile, Loop Pile, or Carpet Tile?

Whether you are hoping to hide the dirt from your kids and pets, or looking for a way to brighten up your home, the right color combination is an important thing to consider. It might be helpful to bring in a paint sample for us to help you match your interior paint with the color of your new floor.
● Mahogany
● Eggshell
● And Hundreds More

Let our qualified team help you narrow down your choices so that your journey to new floors can begin!

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