electricalAre you in need of new lighting, a security system, or a TV connection for your outdoor gazebo? Our experienced electricians provide the best service in a timely fashion. We offer electrical services for both residential and commercial properties throughout the South Florida area. Whether you are looking for contractors to help enhance the look of your home with new light fixtures or are in need of a last minute repair, we got you covered.

Our services include:
Circuit Breaker Box Repair & Installation
Replacing a circuit breaker box takes skill and a strong attention to detail. When wires, screws, and electricity are involved, you don’t want to make any mistakes. Our experienced electricians are trained to carefully replace and repair circuit breakers to get your lights up and running without causing your hand to stand up.

Telephone System Repair & Installation
Do you still own a home telephone? Our repair and installation system can help you rewire or repair your current home line, giving you the flexibility to put your phone line where you need it without displaying excess chords.

Security Lighting
Scare off those late night wanderers with our high-tech outdoor security lighting. Available for both the front and back of your house, our security lights are motion censored, keeping unwanted guests from being unseen.

Security System Repair & Installation
Are you ready to make your home more secure? Our top of the line security products are designed to keep unwanted guests out, whether you are at home or on vacation. We offer a variety of different styles and types to ensure you the safety you need.

Other services include:
● Satellite Repair & Installation
● Computer Wiring
● Outdoor Lighting Installation
● Major Appliance Installation
● Electrical Business Sign Installation
● IT Cable Installation
● And More!

Atlantic Ocean Group has a team of responsible electricians who take pride in what they do, treating each project as if it were their own home. No matter what your electrical repair needs, give us a call today and let us know how we can help.

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