Atlantic Ocean Group is the place to be for garage doors in Wellington. We have a large amount of garage doors in Wellington to pick from and the service men to keep them running smoothly. We also provide tune ups, same day repair, garage door springs, garage door motors and anything else that has to do with your garage door needs. If you need garage door repair in Wellington, we’re the company you can count on!

Wellington: Great Hometown, Neighborhoods, Schools, and Parks

Named one of Money Magazine’s “Top 100″ Best places to live in 2010, Wellington, or The Village of Wellington, is a great community focused on economic development and fantastic outdoor adventures. Wellington is home to many different parks and community programs aimed to include residents and visitors of all ages. Wellington is a fairly short drive to the beach, but resides in a great location for those who want a great neighborhood to relax or raise kids in.

Such an amazing community deserves the best garage doors available. You live in a beautiful community and your homes and garage doors should reflect that. Atlantic Ocean Group has the garage doors Wellington to meet any of your possible needs. Moreoever, your cars deserve to live in fantastic garages. We can help you with this and garage door repair in Wellington.

Great Garage Doors Wellington

You can easily find unique and stylish garage doors with Atlantic Ocean Group. We offer a wide range of garage doors in different colors, styles, and materials. There is a garage door for everyone and with our outstanding garage door repair Wellington, one never needs to worry about their garage door system breaking down. You work hard for your life in Wellington and you deserve garage doors that will work hard for you. Once we install them, they will keep your car and home safe.

The garage door would be nothing without a good opener and garage door springs. Lucky for you, we at Atlantic Ocean group provide replacement and installation of both openers and springs. Garage door springs are the muscle of the garage door system. They make movement possible and easy. Openers are what make a garage door automatic. If you want to press a button and drive right into your garage, you need an opener. Openers come with many features and finding the correct one for your garage door system can sometimes be confusing. Our service men will answer any of your questions and help you pick the perfect garage door system for you needs.

Garage Door Tune Ups and Garage Door Repair Wellington

On average, garage doors will last 7 years with proper care. Atlantic Ocean Group offers regular tune ups that include lubrication, part replacement, and many other service to make sure your garage doors are working correctly. We also provide same day repairs for any garage door issue.

Atlantic Ocean Group is proud of our 100% customer retention rate. We work hard to help you take care of your property and garage doors are a big aspect of that care. Feel free to contact us with all of your garage door needs.

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