Hurricanes are a fact of life here in South Florida. If it’s time to update your windows and doors, allow us to show you long-lasting, high-quality hurricane windows and doors that look beautiful while protecting your home or business.

Called hurricane windows, impact windows, or wind-rated windows, these windows are made of two panes of glass, an interlayer, and are laminated together. They resist the impact of flying debris, and if they are struck with enough force to break, they may crack, but cannot be penetrated. This is important to protecting your home’s “envelope” during a storm and preventing major wind and water damage.

Hurricane and impact doors contain decorative impact-resistant glass, and are reinforced with thick fiberglass and foam cores to deflect flying debris. All exterior doors on your home can be converted to an impact door, including entry doors, screen doors, patio doors, french doors, and sliding glass doors.

Benefits Of Impact Windows & Doors

In addition to protecting your home in a storm, hurricane doors and windows have other benefits, including:

  • Lifetime warranty – impact doors and windows are a one-time investment
  • Protection from home intruders
  • Lower homeowners insurance rates
  • Improved energy-efficiency
  • Cooler indoor temperatures
  • UV protection for furniture
  • Noise reduction

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